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Total Family Health And General Practice

General GP Consultations for everyone in your family!

Having had 6 children of his own, Dr Fred is a family doctor who loves babies, enjoys seeing children and young people of all ages, professionally and as a father himself Fred is familiar with and understands the struggles of teenagers and young adults.

He shares the joys and tribulations of young parents, understands the stress and demands of working adults and being a half centenarian himself, appreciates the subtleties and nuances of elderly care.

Dr Fred comes from multicultural Singapore!

He speaks and writes in fluent English, he also speaks Mandarin, Cantonese, Hokkien and Teochew. Dr Fred even speaks a bit of Malay and Tamil. It’s a wonder to listen to him when he switches from one dialect to another!

Health Checks for your children!

Child and adolescent health.

With child heath in mind it is very important to keep an eye on your child while they are growing.

Between Dr Fred’s and Jenny’s (the nurse) families they have had so many children in all! We are happy to do 6 week checks for your babies!

Our enrolled patient portal system, if selected by young people (15+) upon enrolment, has the potential to allow our patients and Doctors on Luckens’ General Practice team to interact in a more meaningful way both with and for our patients. The patient portal assists us to improve our ability to provide appropriate services to our patients that lead to better patient health outcomes.

Fertility services

If you are trying hard to have a baby…

If you have been trying hard to have a baby, and the urine pregnancy tests’ are still negative, come in and talk to Dr Fred.

He’s been helping couples have babies for years… whether it’s pre-conception checks, conception advice or onward referrals for fertility treatment.

He can also help refer you through to funded fertility departments in the hospitals, especially if ladies are less than 40 years of age. So bring your partner and come in for a personalized consultation soon.

Maternity Care services and support during pregnancy

If you have found out you are pregnant…

Pregnant mothers in New Zealand are entitled to FREE essential care for themselves and their babies during pregnancy right through to maternity services after their baby is born if enrolled at Doctors on Luckens General Practice, and there is extra support for young pregnant women.

If your urine pregnancy test is positive come in and see our doctor, he is here to support you during pregnancy and baby’s birth. We will arrange some lab tests as well as an early ultrasound scan at 6 weeks to date the pregnancy more accurately.

For enrolled patients, maternity care is FREE from the very first appointment up until you are 12 weeks pregnant. We can also advise you regarding antenatal classes where you’ll be supported in learning about your pregnancy, baby’s birth and parenting, your choice of where you would like to give birth, and the maternity care you’ll receive during labour and baby’s birth, and after their birth.

If you are in the second trimester and you want to listen to your baby’s heartbeat, we have a fetal doptone that can do just that! Just ask Dr Fred.

When you or your children become acutely unwell…

Forget looking online or googling your symptoms or those of your child!

If you or your loved ones develop acute medical health needs do not delay coming in and sharing with us your symptoms, your worries, your anxieties and your fears. Let us use our clinical expertise and accumulated experience to help you sort them out.

We’ll treat your symptoms, investigate and allay your worries, and hopefully, together, get your health back on track!

If you’ve just come back from the hospital or surgery…

After hospital or surgery we will dress your cuts and wounds. We’re happy to provide follow up care and make sure you’re recovering well. Come in and see us for your post-op wound care as well as any removal of stitches or change of dressings.

If you are still unwell, we want to hear from you and help you as soon as possible!

If you have a chronic illness…

We are happy to look after you so that we can help you feel better, monitor your condition regularly so it does not get worse and even help screen your family if need be to prevent them from getting the same problem.

Being part of a PHO that promotes continuing care for patients with Long Term Conditions, come in and speak to us about your eligibility for subsidised programs of care to help defray the cost of the chronic condition.

Our on-site services include ECG and spirometry instruments

In-house, we are equipped with an ECG machine to look at the state of your heart and we also have a lung spirometry instrument to assess the air capacity of your lungs.

If you have an eye problem…

Come in and see Dr Fred and he will examine you more thoroughly with his own slit lamp, which is essentially a microscope for looking at the front of the eyeball, the eyelids as well as the cornea.

If you have an ear problem…

Dr Fred was trained in outpatient ENT and is able to remove your crusty ear wax using low pressure ear suction. Our nurse Jenny can also do ear syringing for the soft gooey wax.

Together, they will keep your ears spick and span!

If you have a mole or lump…

We can help you with any skin lesions that might have changed in size, shape, colour or look.

Using the latest Dermatoscopic examination and photography, we can either arrange to do minor surgery for you in our clinic or we can take high quality photos and attach it to a referral for the Plastic Surgeon to better assess the urgency of your referral.

If you need a referral…

Being an experienced clinician, Dr Fred understands the need for prompt and well written referrals. Let him help you with referrals to specialist medical services, both in the public and private system.

If we refer you and you do not hear back from them in 4 weeks, or if the problem is getting worse, please come in and see us so we can help get you to the specialist help you need.

If you need a form filled…

Be it a driving licence renewal, a WINZ medical certificate, an ACC medical certificate, a Disability allowance form, an Insurance form or even a medical report, we are happy to help you with these administrative tasks so you can get on with enjoying your healthy life.

If you just need a listening ear…

Sometimes we need someone to listen to us, someone who won’t judge us, someone who is not in our circle of family, friends or colleagues.

Talk to us. We’ll always listen and if you should need more professional help, we can arrange that as well.
We respect your privacy and we value your trust.

If you just need a place to sit down or wait for your loved ones…

Even if you do not have anything to come in to see us for, you’re always welcome to come right in and enjoy our large waiting area with our wide screen TV and all the regular TV channels.

There’s a great view of Auckland CBD out the waiting room window!

Drop in and have a chat with us. Share local news and stories.

We’re part of your community, and we warmly welcome you as part of our family!

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