Services & Fees

Medical/Accident Consults



(& no CSC)



(with CSC)

Casual Patient or 

1st Enrolee Visit

(including CSC)

Under 14 years Free Free $30 $50
14-17 years $41 $13 $70 $90
18-64 years $43 $19.50 $80 $98
65+ years $35.50 $19.50 $80 $98
Follow-Up Free (U14)
$30 (14+)
(as above) $20 (U14)
$50 (14+)
$40 (U14)
$68 (14+)

Extended consults including CSC patients (Resident):

  • $15 extra per 5mins
  • or $40 extra if planned double appointment

Extended consults (Non-residents): 

  • $30 extra per 5mins
  • or $80 extra if planned double appointment

CSC=COMMUNITY SERVICES CARD             U14 =13years and under

Southern Cross Easy-Claim

If you are a Southern Cross member and you can claim for medical visits, simply present your card when visiting the clinic and we will process your claim for you!

  • No extra fees
  • No extra forms
  • No problem

Services and Fees


Children/Pregnant/Elderly: Mostly Funded/FREE (exceptions apply)

Travel Vaccines: Varies

Medical Assessments:

Driving Medical: $80 (registered), $100 (casual)

ECG (Heart recording): $40

Spirometry (Lung function) test: $50

Skin Check: $100 for a FULL Skin Check, otherwise just 1-2 lesions checks are part of a normal Consult (30 mins)

Minor Procedures:

Mole/Lump Removal: $40 extra (for non registered)

  • $150 (30min) Biopsy
  • $300 – $400 (1 lesion) depending on complexity

Liquid Nitrogen (Warts): $18 – $45 per visit depending on number of warts/time spent)

Jadelle (insertion or removal): $40 extra (for non registered)

  • $150 insertion
  • $180 removal
  • $180 both removal & insertion in one procedure

IUD (insertion/removal): $40 extra (for non registered)

  • $150 insertion
  • $60 removal
  • $180 removal & insertion in one procedure

Infusion (iron/aclasta): $200

Nurse Fees:

General/Diet/Lifestyle Nurse Consult: $20

Blood Pressure Checks: $5

Cervical Smear: $25 ($40 Casual)

Ear Syringing: $25 (1 ear), $40 (2 ears)

Injections: Depo-Provera $20  B12 $15

Phlebotomy/Bloods: $10

Pregnancy Test: $10 (FREE if positive)

Flu Vaccine:

  • $25 registered
  • $30 non-registered
  • $35 non-resident

Children/pregnant/elderly: funded/free (exceptions apply), click here to see eligibility criteria.

Repeat Prescriptions:

Collected/Picked up (>24hr turnaround):

  • $20 (over 14 years old)
    • $25 urgent (required within 24hrs)
  • $15 (Children under 14 years old)
    • $20 urgent (required within 24hrs)

Note: Cut-off time for requesting prescriptions – 1pm

After 1pm, if a prescription is still required, an urgent charge of $25 (total) will be applied

Other Fees:

Phone Consults: (as per normal consult fees above)

Emails Requests from doctor (not recommended): From $25 per email

Lab Test Result Email/Print Fee: $5

Pregnancy Care: FREE (first trimester), otherwise fees as above

Referral Letter (Post-Consult) Surcharge: $25

Did Not Attend:

$25 (registered)

$15 (CSC registered)

$10 (registered children)

Also for your information, please view our Test Results Policy


Any unpaid fees within 3 months will be forwarded to our debt-collection agency, Baycorp. You will also be charged a $100 admin fee in addition for the debt collection process. So we ask that you please comply and pay our fees on time.

If a patient came to see the doctor and then he/she did not get what they requested, it may be because the doctor felt it is not in your best interest to have that request fulfilled (e.g. a certain prescription medicine). However, you will still be required to pay a consultation fee.

If you need help with paying your fees, you can organise automatic payments and pay overtime.


Our appointment slots are every 15 minutes. Please call ahead if you are running late. We will do our best to accommodate you. However, we may have to reschedule your appointment if you are going to be more than 5 minutes late, to meet the needs of those who are on time. One or two late patients can cause the entire daily schedule to be delayed. Patients who arrive on time will be seen ahead of those who arrive late. We may also have to shorten appointments for those who arrive late.


At Doctors on Luckens, we have set up systems to help you manage your appointments and provide text reminders for all phone bookings (unless booked within 24 hours of the appointment). If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, please provide us with at least 2 hours notice to avoid being charged.

We require you to advise us via:
email OR phone 09 416 4538Or leave a voice message if phone lines are busy so that we can re-allocate that consultation to another patient who requires it.


Policy Violation
If you do not advise us (via email or phone) within 2 hours prior to your appointment or do not attend your scheduled appointment, you will be charged a full consultation fee, and our reception team will send you an email with an invoice for the missed appointment.

Missed appointments create an un-wanted situation for everyone. Most of the time our Doctors’ and Nurses’ schedules are full, and are in great demand. If you do end up missing your appointment, most likely you will not get another appointment that day due to the doctor/nurse being fully booked. There are most likely other patients in need that are waiting. Please do not miss your appointment.

If we’re late:Sometimes a patient requires additional attention. This can cause the Doctor to run late for the rest of the day. We will do our very best to notify you on arrival when this happens. We hope we can make you as comfortable as possible while you wait. Free Wi-Fi is available.Thank you for understanding the value of our cancellation policy so we can provide quality service to all of our patients.

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