Join our Clinic

Join Our Clinic

If you have children under 13 years of age…

Enroll your child if they are less than 13 years old and they get to see us for FREE!

Non-enrolled children will be charged a fee for each consult so it’s better to enroll

If you want to enroll…

Just download and save this interactive fillable form to your computer (you need to right-click on the file and choose “Download Linked File”). Once you have saved the form on your computer, then open it directly in Acrobat Reader and fill it out on your computer. Once you have filled it out then you can save it and submit the completed form to us in an email back to us. If you prefer to fill the form out by hand you can open it in Acrobat Reader, print it out, fill it out by hand and hand it back to us when you come to the clinic for your first appointment. Remember to bring in an original birth certificate or passport / visa with you on your first visit for us to take a copy.

Enrolment is free and allows us to transfer your notes from your previous GP so that we can fully understand your health care needs.

Once you enroll, the Government funds a part of the cost of seeing us thus allowing us to charge you lower fees every time you come in.

There are also certain special programs designed by our PHO for enrolled patients that can be accessed to assist us to care for you better.

If you do not want to enroll…

No worries! Other than having to pay a higher consultation fee, you can rest assured we’ll care for you no differently from our enrolled patients!

We can still access some of your hospital records online with your permission and we do appreciate any medical notes, specialist reports, test results and medication lists you can bring in so we can put them in your notes.

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